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New Year, New Opportunities

For over 8 years, I have worked as a designer and developer to aid our clients with their online needs.  Over this time, I have truly enjoyed my work as a UI Designer: where I focus design elements to help engage users and increase functionality of a website or app.

In the past, to supplement the workload for our company, we have turned to freelancing to help build some great portfolio.  The issue with most freelancing organizations is they allow anyone to come in and start working without any credentials or necessary pricing structures.  This allows the flow of clients and projects to extremely narrow based on low prices.  However, those same clients have no clue that the level of service or quality from these freelancers is not up to par for the industry.

In searching, I have recently found out about a great organization Toptal, whose whole goal is to team up great companies and projects with great designers, developers, and specifically for me: UI Designers.  I have just applied in hopes to work with some additional great companies and increase the portfolio of services we offer.


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